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Burnout, Adrenal Fatigue, etc.

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There's a conference presentation on this topic here.

There's an online course on this topic here.

Crisses says:

Through information synthesis we realized that we're prone to burnout. Spiritual/soul damage or soulloss, trauma, Jing depletion, adrenal burnout, whatever you want to call it: we have a tendency to burn out and thus we rotate who our "major front" is all the time. Someone may make it for up to 3 years as our primary front before they have to sit it out for a while, and sometimes we have "subsets" running the show, like this or that set of 8 persons, some of whom will rotate out of the set and be replaced by others.
Our last major burnout, we "downloaded" a boatload of information on burnout and wrote a self-help book called SURRENDER™ to Passion. It's helped us a ton -- need to rewrite some sections of it, but overall it's on-point with regard to white-collar burnout, caregiver burnout, etc.
So -- this is relevant to all trauma survivors. We have taken a lot of adrenal damage. And that leaves us all vulnerable to adrenal burnout. That's when you don't even have enough umph to be anxious anymore -- you flatline, you get exhausted, you ragequit your job, you "just can't" whatever it is anymore. You get sick more often. You may be in pain. You may think you're depressed (and you may even be depressed) because you can't be motivated to do anything.
Multies — we can swap out, basically tag-team life. Singletons don't have that option. But our bodies can simply get exhausted from doing too much.

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