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Depression and DID

Like many people, people who are multiples are susceptible to depression.

Depression may only be experienced by certain individuals within the system, while in some cases it can be pervasive in the system.

I've been known to call depression the "Hot Potato" of our system; someone's always holding it, they're always trying to pass it off to someone else, and no-one ever wants to get stuck with it in the end. Jem and I used to be one person (Genevieve) before our depression really kicked in... But then when we started using things like Self-injury and Anorexia to cope, the part of us that couldn't handle our coping mechanisms split off into Jem. In the three months we were splitting, the depression just kept getting worse, and I was front the most and feeling almost all of it. Eventually I got suicidal. Jem finally ended up having us commited to a ward, I went back because of the pain while she "got better" and got us out, and now she's primary. Of course now that she's our main "frontrunner", she's getting hit with all the depression, so she's almost in the same place I was six months ago! Depression's a bloody mess, and it can really screw a person over. --January of Haven
I would like to add one of my own observations of our system, to accompany January's account. It seems that, though the depressive episodes (actually a symptom of Bi-Polar Disorder) are physiological in nature, only the "primary frontrunner" (to use the popular term) is effected. Even if one of the others should take front during a horribly "low" episode, the "primary" will be the only one to feel the depression. ~Dimitrus of Haven

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