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This project is "open source" and is moderated by chaos and happenstance, and the availability of responsible individuals to stumble upon mistakes and feel motivated or moved to correct them. There are no specific people responsible for content here. However, this is still intellectual property and is not 100% public domain. These are the limitations of the copyright for the information on this website:

Copyright begins (c) 2003.

General "editorial we" text, unsigned portions: These portions of the text contained on the website are on pages without password protection, do not quote any particular author(s), and are protected by copyright held by the persons who have chosen to name themselves under the Wiki.Contributors link of the project, in trust for the project itself. This material may be used for non-profit purposes if the quotes are held in their entirey, referenced back to this work, as long as the same spirit of license is used for the referencing text in question. This text may be used for educational or research purposes under the same restrictions. Date of quote must be included in the reference. Material may be used in other open-source collaborative projects (such as wikis) for non-profit purposes, with the preference, as above, that quotes remain attributed, linked, and entire/unaltered as of the date of the quote. Contributors to the wiki who wish to be notified of requests for copyrighted material will have to add information to the Wiki.Contributors page and make sure that The Crisses are able to find them. If requests come through, an announcement page may be added to the News.HomePage section. Use of content to seed a new open-source collaboration project including alteration of the text contained herein will need to be discussed by the contributors to the project.

Quoted/signed text (anecdotes): These quotes may be found on non-passworded pages and are the sole property of the author in question and may not, under any circumstances, be used without the author's explicit permission.

Passworded text (personal contributions): These are contributions from specific persons on passworded pages, and are the sole contribution of the person(s) in question and may not, under any circumstances, be used without the author's explicit permission.

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