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This is a listing of many of the contributors to the site, and information about them. If you added something to the wiki, please feel free to say something about yourself here! If you're too modest, and I know who I'm talking about, I'm sure I'll add something about you ;)

Kinhost Wiki Contributors:

"XES" or The Crisses - Isabeau New for setting up the wiki, Frank for donating artwork, and misc. for contributions to content on the site. Site administrator for all of and persons most grateful to those listed below for help and contributions. (Most currently to be found at Work (& Work & Work & Work .... & Work....) --- and Personal Websites.

"Arashi" AKA Ten no Arashi, or Arashi Ten (with input from others)- A channel. Contributions of random content. (Sie/they is/are much too modest. Extensively helpful on the list, and has been working diligently on MTMM as well...this site wouldn't be the same without hir/them.)

Shiu of Amorpha-- Member ( of a natural multiple system; frequent contributor to various messageboards/panels online. [Website link fixed!]

Astraea ( - A gateway system who've always been suspicious of mainstream mental health claims about multiplicity.

ChrisK - System chock full o' geeky saint, reclusive spirit, shy young lady, overbearing demon and silly trickster. [Written by Crisses on their behalf]

Ariel/Deus Debris - A recently "out-of-the-closet" multiple system with a few 'Kin types lurking around in the headspace. Their livejournal community, Deus Debris, can be found here.

Doltaghey House - who also does wonderful work at Positively Plural. They've made terrific contributions to the site, including giving good examples from their own experiences on the variations of multiplicity.

Kevin Filan - with many thanks from The Crisses for what looks to be a reasonable beginning to a multicultural view of multiplicity. Thank you VERY much. I'm eternally grateful.

Bob King AKA The Firewheel - Firewheelvortex LJ Aspy Multiple sick of pius psudointellectual bullshit presented as fact. We now call ourselves Radical Individualists and consider most of the problems experienced by multis and aspies to be reactions to us, rather than issues that we actually could (or should) change. (Did we have PMS when we wrote this?)(You can't have PMS) (YOU can, Maude!)

catskillmarina catskillmarina We pick at wiki vandalism. Unix and Plan9 geek(s).

MRW - an anonymous donor :)

Miss3 - our 6 cents

The Saturn System - Various members who are happy to educate the masses. We're a natural multiple system, and our LiveJournal is here.

The Shards

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