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Financial Disclosure

November 2018

We had a 10% donation statement in our books. It's such a gross understatement we've decided to remove it and put this statement up instead and be thoroughly transparent.

As of November 2018 we've made under $80 on the United Front book project on LeanPub, which we're currently splitting into 3 books as we write this.

Our first book, Poetic License — the best-selling book of any we've written to date — had pre-sales from many of our singular buddies and business contacts and made maybe $200 overall after the book purchases of physical copies to deliver. We still have significant inventory/stock of books on hand that we haven't been able to sell (and that we technically pay monthly for storage space for). Total income for the book over the years, including online sales and the books we've had in inventory is probably $400 or $500 but we wrote and published it in 2009 — this is income over the last 9 years for a project that took many hours and took money out of our pocket. We also paid for a Kirkus Review, which as a singular expense brings the income of the book to around $0 before counting personal time/labor.

Generally we donate about $60/year to our local CASA organization, and a varying amount of money ($25-100 minimum, not counting travel expenses, etc.) annually to our local Independent Living, Inc. that helps people with disabilities including trauma, substance abuse issues, physical and mental differences and disabilities. We run fundraisers for our local CASA 3x a year, we are on the Independent Living board of directors and donate a great deal of time helping both organizations, which is a labor of love and we'd do it with or without book sales and the public's financial support.

We also give uncompensated time and efforts directly in the online DID community, physically by being out in the community, by presenting (our trip to present at Healing Together in 2019 is only comped for the conference entry fee — travel, hotel/lodging, food, car wear&tear, time off other income-producing pursuits, etc. are all on us, not counting the prep time for the presentation, etc.), holding meet-ups, by holding plural-safe spaces and events, and so on.

To say we'll give 10% of the income from a book (any one or the sum total of our books) that hasn't made us much money to speak of is an enormous understatement. Technically we've given back more than 100% but we can't make that promise to you because we have other expenses and today may not be a good day to make a donation. We always give back, time and money.

Support us with your purchases because you need the book. Or support the podcast, or the website, or the blog, or our support in forums, etc. by using our tip jar or subscribing through our Patreon link. Don't just buy a book because we'll give kickbacks to others — there's ways that pass more of your money to me to do this.

The tip jar at the top of the page ($0 income to date) is for one-time donations, and the Patreon link in the sidebar (currently about $30/month income from singular friends/family) is there in case you want to give ongoing support — and the money goes to keeping the website up, helping us keep writing (which takes food in the belly), keeps our cell phone on, our computers up-to-date (kinda, we're on a 2009 laptop and 2012 desktop) or gets donated to these awesome causes. Better yet, get something of direct value for your money and go to our coaching website (link also in the sidebar), and sign up for a group, or 1:1 coaching and support us more directly while getting enormous value for yourselves.

We are here to help people, that's our life's purpose — not getting rich. It's not easy to help people when we're constantly changing locations, or unable to cook ourselves a healthy meal because we don't have a place to cook. If you need our promises as to how we'll spend the "riches" we make off our pile of life's work, it's a very sad day in the harsh reality that we give way more than 10% of our proceeds back, in cash and more. The reality is: we're poor, homeless, and basically living out of our car to do this work. We put temporary roofs over our heads by pet sitting and house sitting, while doing life coaching and writing. The more comfortable our living situation gets, the more time and energy we have to give back to everyone. We've decided that our mission (bringing you internal community) is more important than our housing. We're giving this everything we have already.

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