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Finding Plural-Normative Services & Corporations

There are a growing number of plural-owned &/or operated businesses, and plural-aware businesses. We are creating a Directory New of such businesses. This is a good way for plurals and spouses/partners/spices/allies of plurals to plug their business so that other plurals & plural-friendly folk can frequent their business and support the growth of our community.

If you own a plural business or are plural and know first-hand of a plural accommodating business please comment on this page and we'll add them to the Directory with a short blurb about their services.

Information to include:

  • A link for the business.
  • If it's a brick & mortar, or deals exclusively with a region or country, please include area/region for the business.
  • Is it plural-run/owned or ally-run/owned? Why you think they're plural-friendly?
  • Where can we follow up with you& to verify the listing?
Note: If it is a singular run/operated business it must be submitted by a plural or DID system, or it will be removed, this is not an opportunity for spammers or people attempting to exploit the community. Only plurals can determine whether someone is a plural ally — you cannot declare yourself an ally.

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