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  1. Above all, pay attention. You probably wouldn't be reading this if you weren't prepared to do so, but hints and indicators appear at the strangest times.
  2. Do you notice any little things out of place, thoughts that nobody seems to own or otherwise don't have a source, or sensations that don't have a known cause? (Feel like you're being watched? Maybe you are.)
  3. Once you've identified the things associated with oddness (as per #2), try working them into your daily life and see what happens. (Example: One of our members is a lefty. We weren't aware of them at all until we started drawing left-handed, which seems to have started an interest in the external world.)
  4. Add something here! If this was meant to be definitive, it wouldn't be a wiki.
  5. There's another page on learning to interact with new people at CommunicationTechniques.

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