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Going it Alone: Working towards recovery through self-help or other means

Going it *cough* Alone *cough*

Sometimes there's just no one out there who you feel comfortable helping you out with your head. So you, and all your internal/residential buddies decide that "if you want something done right you have to do it yourself" -- so now what?

Firstly, research what you're about to do. Make sure you understand how hard it can be when memories resurface, when new unruly alters emerge who are not part of the collective yet and need to be encouraged to join in, who don't follow house rules, etc. It's possible to end up in a strong flashback and forget who you are, when it is, where you are, or what's going on. It's possible that a suicidal alter or someone into self-harm will emerge and hurt your body. This really shouldn't be tried without taking adequate precautions -- and your definition of adequate might vary.

The Crisses
We've been doing self-work/headwork for a very long time -- starting in at least 1986 with inpatient therapy, several years of outpatient therapy, and then group therapy and discussion groups on many topics, self-improvement books, etc. So this type of work isn't NEW to us, per se. Nowadays we have a few external friends that we babble at and bounce ideas off of, but mostly there's just us. The latest thing is that now we're looking to up the ante. We're reading up on hypnosis for multiples and reading as much as we can on the cautions given to therapists who are going to do hypnotherapy with multiples. We have a lot of experience with self-hypnosis and making guided meditations for ourselves, we have tape equipment, a computer system, video equipment...we have gadgets that can really help, but when it comes down to it, it's frightening: This is the first time we're considering age regressing ourselves, or asking people who we do not know to front. It is strongly recommended to people who are going hiking and camping never to go it alone, and this is really no different. We're heading off into the raw wilds without an external companion. We don't know what might happen. But we don't have the money for a therapist, and don't dare drag friends or lovers into our private hell -- who knows what type of demon we might make them out to be in those reaches, and if the scars will be permanent or fatal to the relationship. Other than relating details we uncover after the fact, we plan to go in without anyone but ourselves to help out.

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