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Upon entering the Otherkin community you might notice that some of the community's most verbose members are individuals in something called a "Host" or a "Multiple".

This can be confusing to understand, and often there are new Multiples coming into the community who have questions about Otherkin multiplicity. Hopefully this FAQ will answer more basic questions, give an idea of what is going on, and familiarize this portion of the community, and the jargon surrounding it.

If there are questions not covered in the brief FAQ, please feel free to write to the editors, or join the Otherkind-Hosts list. The editors will seriously consider all submissions for inclusion in future versions of the FAQ.

Is the FAQ for non-multiples or for multiples wanting a better understanding of dealing with their issues?

I think the answer to that is yes on both counts; some non-multiples (or "singletons" as multiples affectionately refer to people of one-mind, one-body) have a desire to know more than just that "a Host is an Otherkin with many people in their head/body" so the FAQ will be for them. Other people may be realizing they are multiples of one type or another and need help understanding various basic situations and terminology so they can have a basic understanding of the Otherkin Multiple community, which has a portion of its language unique unto itself.

Does the FAQ only apply to multiples who contain otherkin in their system?

It is not limited to multiples with Otherkin in their system, so other multiples and non-multiples may well find it useful. A great deal of multiple terminology and other multiple-specific information have been found helpful amongst Otherkin-Multiples and the reverse may well be true. Non-multiples may find it helpful for a variety of reasons, such as having a better understanding of the multiples in their life, or simply to satify their curiosity.

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