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This FAQ is for people who have never encountered someone who is "out" about their multiplicity (it's likely that everyone on the planet knows at least one multiple who just doesn't advertise it for one reason or another) and thus have no language or paradigm for dealing with them. It's also for people who are new to the Otherkin community in particular, are curious about multiplicity amongst Otherkin, or whom feel they might also be an Otherkin Multiple.

It's a bit simplistic, but most diagrams are going to be. As a "quick, rough guide, don't take too literally" it seems alright though.

It can be labeled such: "Oversimplified, but recognizable points in Otherkin Multiplicity" :)

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What is a "singleton"?
"singleton" is the term used for someone who is one-mind, one-body, and pretty much one-personality in their body, ie. most of the world. . It is meant as a neutral identification term, which helps multiples discuss their differences in comparison to people who are 'singletons' without implying that being a multiple is an abnormal trait.
What is a mask?
If one reads up on Jungian psychology, one finds that having masks is normal for singletons. One does not behave the same at work as one does at home, nor with one's spouse as with one's kids. Doing so could be dangerous. Compartmentalizing one's personality by one's roles and environment is a positive survival trait, and if a person acts inappropriately in an environment or within a role, they might get in trouble. Singletons are automatically considered to have masks for their roles, subtle shifts in personality.
What do you mean by "Aspected"?
People who are Aspected have more clearly defined masks. In the Otherkin community, it might show itself by a person taking on the role of one of their former Otherkin lives. For example, someone who is normally an elf Aspects as (calls up the personality of themself as) a dragon, perhaps from another lifetime, to see what the reactions to a situation would be like to that creature.
Are there Aspected persons in the Otherkin Multiple community?
Yes, there are, and they're very welcome. They share some overlapping experiences and concerns with multiples, without having other concerns and experiences, but we're absoltuely not closed to people coming into our community to share their experiences and ask questions.
What is a "Multiple"?
Persons with much stronger aspecting all the way through out-n-out separate anyone with more than one entity in their body
ToDo:make this definition clearer? Flesh it out?
What is an Otherkin Multiple?
This is the broadest category term for people who have many personalities and are Otherkin. Sometimes it's just one Otherkin-identified person in a body which identifies as mainly human, sometimes they are both Otherkin and human identified, and sometimes everyone is Otherkin identified. They don't need to be separate beings; this category includes Hosts, Splits and Aspected folk.
What is a Walk-In?
Walk-Ins are spirits who were added to a body-situation after birth. Often the spirits were exiled from other places, rather than beings who died and are eligible for reincarnation. Often Walk-Ins come to an already abandoned body (ie: comas), or do a body-swap with the body-spirit. If the Walk-In arrives and remains in the body with the body-spirit, it becomes a Hosting situation. Often Walk-Ins who are alone in a new body encounter difficulties coping with the new life situation.
What is a Host?
Hosting occurrs when one has multiple people in their body. What sets them apart for a typical Multiple is that not all of them originate from the body-spirit. The most common situation is where spirits Walk-In, and the end result is that more than one person remain in the body.
What is an Otherkin Host?
This is a Hosting situation where one or more spirits in the body are not human. This site is named "kinhost" which is shorthand for "Otherkin Host".
If someone remembers many lifetimes, are they a Host?
There is a definite difference between having multiple incarnations and being a Host or a Multiple. The many-incarnated may be able to shift perception between those of their different lives {see Aspecting above}, and maybe even to view a problem from the point of view of several lives at a time, but probably won't argue with him/herself (or even hold philosophical debates or discuss which side of the bed to get up on, etc). An Otherkin Host usually has much more refereeing going on, active disagreement or arguing...or just plain discussion.

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