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How can one tell the difference between a Otherkin Hosts and an Otherkin Split-Multiple?

It all seems to boil down to differences which are technical at the least. The ways that Splits vs. Host cope with the world, and the way they both act in the eyes of persons outside the system are not much different. The terms basically apply to the fundamental reason for the person being how they are, and to how they work together, their internal structure and resources, etc. It also seems that most Otherkin Multiples may fit more than one category, confusing the entire issue. The more important issue is coping with whatever you are regardless of the labels, while having words to describe your experiences to other people can be vital. If the system is working together, not fighting or arguing too often (or coming up with resolutions when there's a conflict), paying the bills, dotting their i's and crossing their t's and so on, it really doesn't matter. They need to be happy, healthy, and functional as what they are. There are resources for learning to cope without forcing oneself to fit other people's view of normality.

Is it possible to be Split or Aspected AND a Host?

It is possible to be varying types of multiple-phenomena in the same body. In fact, it's possible to be many of the above (ie: someone who walked-in to the body may have 3 different aspects, while someone else might actually have split and now be 2 people--thus making that a system of 4 people, one of whom has 3 aspects.). It can get very complex in a system which shows various types in its indivduals.

The danger of labels

Although the search for understanding may involve figuring out which labels fit, it is important not to make fitting the label more important than being yourself. This is a pitfall that everyone faces, and with multiples it is no different. When trying to understand oneself (and oneselves), trying to mold yourself into something else defeats the purpose.

More important than understanding what label you may fit under, is trying to understand yourself, on/in your own terms. Perhaps you are something the multiple world has never seen before, and therefore you have no convenient label. Perhaps there are others like you, who also feel they are alone, and may be surprised and heartened to find out that they are not.

So, figure out how you guys feel about where you come from, and if it matches anything presented, great. If it doesn't, don't worry. You may be unique (and try to embrace that as few people can really claim that). If not, your speaking out may just be what someone else needs to believe in themself, and come out as well.

--Arashi(only last three paragraphs)

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