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Transgender and Sexual Orientation Identity Issues

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Identity differences between residents is one qualifying factor for DID and a potential qualifying factor for OSDD. This includes gender identity, and sexual orientation.

The overwhelming majority of multiples have at least one person in their system who is not the same gender as their body. This includes residents with no gender identity (either from a species without gender, or who do not have a gender identity).

Many systems also have residents who are differently-attracted than each other, including asexual.

It's very common for multiples to wrestle with transgender issues, body/gender mismatch issues, and differences in their attraction or level of attraction to partners or spouses due to differences in the identity of system residents.

Some systems decide to transition, and in most cases whether transitioning or not, residents have to deal with a mismatch of their identity with their bodily traits or presentations.

Many years ago, a group of female residents of The Crisses asked whether our male residents desired transitioning. We guys decided that we did not wish to transition, because we wouldn't be satisfied with the results of a transition for ourselves. We already have body issues due to species differences, and looking like a 15-year-old version of our human sperm donor had no appeal to us and would be as triggering to look in a mirror as ever. Actually, probably more so. Hormone differences could help us feel more "ourselves", but this body and these hormones never stopped us from feeling "ourselves" when we front. Protrusions present or lacking aside, we personally didn't think surgery or taking hormones would serve in our personal best interests or serve the system. Everyone needs to make these decisions for their own system, or their own person, and we declined. We since have had one surgical alteration which I think has helped everyone in the system overall, which was a uterine hysterectomy due to other medical issues — collateral connective tissue damage from our 2 births. It's nice not to need people-with-period products any longer, and not to have discomforts associated with it. We opted not to undergo surgical menopause and kept our ovaries for a variety of health reasons. Overall, we continue to identify as non-binary/gender-fluid. We have a number of asexual residents such as Warren who does not come from a species with gender. We prefer "they" as a pronoun, as it both acknowledges our multiplicity and does not exclude any residents with gendered language — that said we tolerate any pronoun. "Call us whatever you want, just don't call us late for dinner."

A good majority of Crisses are pansexual, or asexual. We find the person in their body attractive, their body is a gateway to interacting with the person inside it. That said, we have triggers related to women due to our egg donor being one of our abusers, and having a relationship with a cult leader didn't help any — so it does affect our relationships with women. It's something we can compensate for, but it does affect our emotional intimacy level.
—Telré of Crisses

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just wanna point out that "trans" and "transgender" are adjectives, not a verb. so "transgendered" would be improper grammar, and most trans people consider "transsexual" to be a wildly outdated medical term and even a slur.

also there's the split attraction model (-sexual and -romantic), and people seem to forget that the B in lgbt+ means bi, headmates can be bi.

you also seem to be focusing on the binary genders, and i see you use she/her a lot in your articles. its much quicker and easier to just type and say "they" to mean a singular gender neutral entity.

-from a nonbinary system host who is otherkin.

Comment by alex on December 29, 2017, at 05:01 PM

Hi, Alex,

You're correct, of course — many of these articles were written quite some time ago, not yesterday, and it's quite an overwhelming task to both continue to add to the manual and to painstakingly go over every article to correct errors of the past and update materials when one is also trying to pay the bills ;)

A big hint as to how old this article is is that the OtherkindHosts list is mentioned which hasn't been very active in about 15 years or more. This site is almost 20 years old. Please feel free to rewrite or send correction notes to me at the Contact page or comment on things like you have here so that it brings them to our attention for updating. I'll try to keep this page in mind as I've just worked on about 8 pages today writing stubs and I have to get to other work -- the type that pays the bills!

Very much appreciate it, and not looking to offend anyone.

We also identify as bisexual (or better yet pansexual) — when I get a chance to read the page rather than just your comment, I hope to figure out what's up with that. We may not even have written this page — it may have been a contribution from others and need a whole rewrite.

THANKS!! : )

Comment by XES on February 08, 2018, at 10:24 AM

Thank you again, Alex. We've marked the article as a stub to make sure we revisit it again, and rewrote the entire page. This website started in 1996 as our personal site, then a few years later was moved to a wiki and these articles were open to the public to edit for many years until too much wikispam made it necessary to password protect the site. We started revisiting and revising articles last year and the checkmarks and "new" marks on links are for us to know what articles we have gone back to and worked on.

Yes, there may be a good deal of binary pronouns. Yes, there may be outdated content. The site is up to 22 years old depending on what you're looking at. A lot has changed in 22 years and we welcome requests to revise troublesome materials as we don't have the time to vet every single article instantaneously at the same time. We're not requesting tolerance, but we are requesting notification and patience and we will eventually get to everything unless we die first as we're already almost 50 years old and with hereditary issues, who knows how long we'll live in this form. : )

Thank you, Crisses

Comment by XES on March 30, 2018, at 07:05 AM

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