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Loss of Surroundings


We call this experience "Overlay." Essentially we loose that which is called consensual reality even though we still experience (um..Earth) physical world. Often begins with a period of retreat from exterior and building of defenses against outsiders and sometimes against interior. The "I" becomes submerged and others carry the body while "she" experiences other places. Can be a time of full blown "hallucination" or rather senses open to other dimensions and worlds. Difficult to come back from and at least for us, addictive. Seems to be the time when we get the most work done, internally. Also has lost us the most real/root world privileges and probably leaves us dangerously open to other world influences that may not be good company. --Phoenix

Browning Out

We've had this issue when getting on stage or being the focus of large groups of people when presenting — or when getting into a fist fight — where we would brown out, have a sense of time passing, some distant information on what is going on with our body or externally, but not have visual connection or front-connection to our consciousness anymore. Our "Continuous I" would be stuck in the back of our head, so all that was being logged in memory was being backgrounded. —Crisses

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