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Fronts need to know about the multiplcity in order to do a proper job of functioning in the world - and functon is more than just stuffing the face and cashing gumment checks. They have to be pretty high-funcitoning in order to create and maintain an interesting enough life to make "face time" worth quarrelling over. :) -- Bob King

Fronting is the act of being the primary resident in control of a multiple's body at a given moment. Being "Front" in terminology is similar to being "It" in a child's game: this is a special label given to someone and at any given moment that label can move to another person depending on the rules of that game (i.e. "Tag! You're 'It'.").

What makes a resident Front is if they are directly interacting with the outside world. Front may be one single entity or it may be a blend of several entities at the same time; Front does not need to be one single discrete resident.

In the rules of the multiple "game", the act of changing who has the "Front" label is called switching. During the switch, Front may be a blend of residents, or there may be a sudden swap of Fronts. For different types of swaps see switching.

Being Front can be a sought-after position for some residents, and it can be anathema to others, and of course the level of coveting or avoiding Fronting can change depending on what is happening to the multiple at any given time.

For example, when I am dating another multiple, if they switch Fronts we will often switch to a resident who is compatible with their Front. If our Front doesn't like the company we're in (dating them or otherwise), we'll often switch to someone who likes the company we're in. -- The Crisses

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