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These are experiences that essentially fill in the blank after "You *know* you're multiple when __." These are brief, somewhat humorous, anecdotes about things that help you know that you're multiple. [if you have a long multiple moment, you can contact the Crisses about having a page made for it, unless you already know how.]

Known Multiple Moments of Chris&:
[5 currently known internal entities]

  • Toby:
    "Blinking out"
    During an intense orgasm Toby crashed, taking the orgasm in progress with her!! [Never heard of such a thing before.] This left a mildly confused Gunther behind, who just said, "Well, I guess I'll go pee??" -- got up, and did. Thankfully this was immediately identified, as we were with quite an experienced multiple at the time. ;-) So this was a pleasant experience -- at least for us in general with the exception of Toby. [Happened during Kin North, 2004]
  • Gunther:
    People fall asleep
    [Kin North 2004] While Chris was starting to take out our contact lenses, while extremely tired, he fell asleep. This left I/Gunther with a contact lens in my hand, staring at it, and not knowing which eye it was just taken out of. :-P
  • Sakker:
    Caught being myself
    Crisses caught me parking the car as I was about to pick them up -- they noticed that I waited until the last second to turn the wheel of the car when pulling into a parking spot, and said, "Yep... That's Sakker."
  • General mid-switch issue
    Making tea: put the sugar in the fridge and go to put the milk into the cupboard and then -- "HUH? Why doesn't the milk fit in here? Uh... Oh."

Moments: Anothers
..When (we) realise that half of our memories of how to do stuff are calibrated for someone elses' reflexes. It leads to a fair bit of wondering just what went wrong in an otherwise innocuous activity.

Moments: The Crisses
...when we use "we" as a first person pronoun at work.
...having no choice but to discuss our multiplicity in school-related essays proving our past experiences with concepts of self-growth and development.
...finding myself competing with my children for their holiday candy.
...buying clothes for myself that could not POSSIBLY fit me, and that I don't even LIKE.
...buying MENS clothes for myself that I like and I wonder whether I can get away with wearing it at work.
...switching (creative) projects 5 times (or more) in under an hour.
...driving with our left knee while using both hands to (select one: connect iPod, phone, gameboy charger cable, peel oranges, etc.) then realizing that SOMEONE we're entirely unaware of is driving because we really weren't paying much attention to the car at all. Admonishing ourselves as an accident waiting to happen, but somehow always being VERY good at doing it anyway.

Moments: Heather Rose
...when you've been inside so long that you forget how long adult arms are until you reach for an open can of soda, but wind up spilling it instead. :P

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