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Warning: Emailing Crisses can be dangerous to people who are disrespectful, who flame and who spam. You will be reported to your service provider. You will be flamed in return. If you don't like what you read on this website, be nice about it or else it's your problem.

I would like to take this time to beg you, plead with you, get on my hands and knees and give you puppydog eyes when I ask for you to write to me. PLEASE write to me...let me know that people are looking at my website, let me know what you think, just try to be nice about it and we can all get along! I think the only thing making my counters jump are spambots!! Let me know otherwise!! VISIT ME, ENJOY YOUR STAY, AND WRITE ME DAMMIT!! *oops, sorry* :)

Mail me to talk, mail me to tell me if you like or hate this project, mail me to tell me there's a problem somewhere or if something breaks. Don't mail me to attack me or get angry at me, make threats on my life, whatever. If you don't like something I say -- or especially something I say about you -- just let me know. I'm an adult, and I know how to be compassionate and communicative, and I have feelings too, and certainly didn't mean to hurt yours.

I can be reached by email via this form:

If you have any comments, fanmail & encouragement, would like to contribute content**, or need to request that information be changed, you may reach Crisses below.

Note: absolutely no solicitations for one-way link-exchanges from "resource" websites, marketing company, web development company or employment applications will be accepted. If you and your website truly deals with plurals, or you wish to suggest a national or international emergency hotline to be added to our resource list, that's ok. We are only getting boilerplate spam & solicitations through the form, please send us some real contact.

Accessibility issues: This form uses a captcha that is not accessible for screen readers. Please DM the wiki admins on twitter at @TheCrisses, message us on Facebook as Criss Ittermann, call or text +1-845-820-0262, or email us at TheCrisses on the gmail email service. We apologize for the inconvenience, this prevents a great deal of harassment through the web forms.



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  • Since there have been more content hacks than legit contributions, we invariably have to lock down who can post from time-to-time to avoid abuse of the wiki system. We can issue a password to your own section of the website, the main manual, or accept direct contributions through he form above. Registration is accepted on a person-by-person basis.

Talk to you soon!