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How do Multiples deal with OBE/OOB (Out of Body Experience, and Out Of Body) experiences?

Some rare Hosts are actively channeling their residents while other residents are quite firmly attatched to the single body for whatever reasons. Residents can go out of body just like singletons do: the body lays down, goes into a trance, the resident learns how to leave the body, and the body stays in a trance state until the traveller's awareness returns to the body. Some residents are free to come and go from the body while others take the body over. They have whatever experiences while the body wanders around doing its thing, return to the body, and have varying amounts of recall (from none to full memories) of what they did outside the body upon their return. This potential loss of memory and possible problems with reinterfacing with the body are reasons many residents don't go out of body often.

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