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It was like one moment I was the pilot, looking out the window of the cockpit, hand on the controls, able to read the instrument panel...and then suddenly my face was shoved against the glass of the window -- I was frighteningly Front -- but someone else was sitting in the pilot seat behind me, controlling our body. Our body did things I didn't tell it to do, said things I didn't tell it to say, and I was an unwilling witness, incredibly conscious of what was going on (but neither who nor why) and subjected to the direct consequences of this abberation of consciousness. --Aliessa/XES

yeah. like one time i was trying to make a phone call and had transposed the numbers and i knew it so i'd hang up and try again telling myself what to do to get the right numbers and my hand seemed to have a mind of its own! i had to wait about an hour before i could dial the right number. iwas at a very public pat phone muttering at my hand trying to get its with the white coats...over

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