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Psychic Trauma & Abuse

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The intent is to cover forms of trauma and abuse that involve what might be considered psychic phenomenon, such as feeling spied on by someone not in the room, psychic energy projections, feeling like someone is undressing you with their eyes, being haunted, etc.

These are as of now unprovable or unable to be observed scientifically, but they're very real to the person who is traumatized by them. Psychology might consider these to be delusions, while quantum physics or parapsychology might consider them viable events.

Psychic abuse would be if someone were to deliberately or knowingly perform these acts to terrorize, control, take power away from a victim. For example someone tells a person they're going to put a curse on their victim, attack a representation of their victim (darts in a photo for example), or send something invisible to attack their victim.

Some amount of psychic trauma & abuse may require belief in psychic phenomenon, but that's not always the case.

When our father would get angry, it was more than just yelling or knowing he was angry as an emotion. He would explode with psychic energy, and blast through our defenses leaving us utterly exposed and helpless. By far, this was worse than the yelling, the knowing he was upset, the fear of what would happen because of it, or any physical punishment that he did in the aftermath of the explosion. Every nerve was exposed, like the Big Bad Wolf blowing the house down we felt it in every fiber of our being. We consider this to have been a psychic blast and unwitting psychic abuse. It was definitely deliberate, much like a volcano exploding, but we doubt he consciously knew he was doing it. --The Crisses

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