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Religious Abuse

This version of "RA" is specific to the use of dogma, punishment, threats, religious rituals, etc. in an abusive way in order to have power and control over a victim while shifting the blame over to a deity or religious doctrine to "blame" for the abuse.

A perpetrator in these circumstances may attempt to convince the victim how much they care about the victim and how much they love them —BUT— are forced or ordained by a deity to punish or cleanse the victim in order to prevent some awful preordained fate from happening to the victim.

This form of abuse is particularly insidious as the victim feels shamed for being "wrong" in the eyes of an unknowable deity, and confused about who the blame should go to for their trauma, pain, and suffering. Much of the time the victim ends up feeling enormously burdened with their wrongness in life when in actuality it's a cover up for an abuser who doesn't want to take the blame (in fact, the things they may be doing could easily constitute hypocrisy in their own religious doctrine!) for their own actions.

Less deliberate religious abuse can also take place in doctrines such as being gay being sinful — it may prevent someone from coming out and cause them to hide or deny the truth about themselves, enter into marriage under false pretenses, and create trauma and suffering as well as deep conflict as to how they could be "made this way" by the same deity who supposedly says that people can't be "made this way" without being an anathema.

These are horrible religious abuses and drive down to the core of a person's existence. It can easily lead to suicidal depression as the existential conflicts are difficult to manage.

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