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There are people with one body, one person. You'll find this the most common social depiction of a person. (Compare: any representation media-wise of a singleton vs multiple)

The term singleton was coined to differentiate between multiples and non-multiples, in a fashion that was concise, and did not imply that a one-body/one-person state was "normal" --a potentially offensive concept to members of both groups.

Also compare the strict definition of "one mind" or "one person" to concepts in psychology that include that everyone has facets, roles or aspects that are, at the very least "personality states". This concept is being explored in many areas of the manual, such as:

Alternately one can interpret singleton (using everyday multiplicity, self-pluralism, and other models), as someone who falls within the "average" spectrum of multiplicity. Defining "average", however, might be quite the daunting task. ;)

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