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System Panics

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Internal life for a multiple system can be very rich and have anything from vague detail through rich environments full of interactions that are as real as (or per derealization even more real than) external interactions.

As a result, the relationships within a multiple system are as subjectively real and potentially varied as external relationships and interactions. All interactions that happen between people outside can occur in-system, and like any relationships, there can be internal crises.

Egos clash, disagreements, foundational struggles with how to share one's life with others, fights over shared resources, internal abuse of other residents, and a variety of internalized existential crises can occur.

And on the flip side, take comfort that there are equally as many rich positive possibilities of interacting in a more harmonious internal relationship paradigm as residents can care deeply about and love each other, reparent internal children the right way, and be each other's positive role-models, agents of change, counselors, healers, defenders, cheerleaders, and more.

That said, sometimes there are internal emergencies that are very real and palpable to the system's residents and require emergency management, compassion, perspective, and emotional processing.

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