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Talking Out Loud Tips

Sometimes you may find it easier to have conversations out loud, but want to avoid the social stigma of what has been classically considered "Crazy" behavior.

Here's some tips we've found around the 'net to help you get some talking time without the stigma.

  • Use a cell phone. Use a headset or handset to pretend you're on a call. Best used when you can talk out loud and hear the replies inside, otherwise answering yourself could be obvious. Works well on bikes and while walking past people. Turn the ringer off lest you get a call while mid-sentence.
  • Pretend you're on the phone in your car. You may occasionally look at the console or such, but usually you have carte blanche in your own portable getaway.
  • If folk know you're plural and you want to talk out loud, pull yourselves "aside" somehow. Lower your volume, talk to the side like you're whispering in someone's ear. This makes it physically obvious you aren't talking to the others around you and you're having a side conversation with your other residents.
  • A limited amount of talking to yourself is fairly normal. So a few snatches under your breath are unlikely to be troublesome.

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