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What is co-awareness?

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See also co-consciousness New.

Co-awareness when residents are able to share awareness of what is going on outside the body/external life at the same time. Those who know what's going on around you, what you're doing, etc. It would be weird to be co-aware but not co-conscious but I guess it could happen. Sometimes the 2 are used synonymously.

Sometimes co-awareness is used to describe the art of being aware that one-another exists in the system. It's knowing what others are generally up to, hearing their voices, being able to have conversations with each other, etc.

One resident can be aware of others without it being two-way. Co-awareness implies that both sides are aware of each other.

Another way of being co-aware is if 2+ residents are aware of the same thing, or share/split external awareness such as sharing front.

Being co-aware does not prevent losing time in itself, but it can help foster internal communication New.

Being co-aware doesn't mean that thoughts, memories, ideas, etc. are shared. It's knowing people are home and being at least somewhat aware of their movements and activities through the house.

How does one develop co-awareness?

Building co-awareness requires introspection and system work. Mindfulness meditation New, communication techniques, trust-building exercises, etc. can help. To build trust, you also have to be trustworthy (As inside So outside).

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