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Why Not Individual Responsibility

Sometimes the question comes up where some systems, who have not yet come to consensus with their inner companions, rail against the idea of shared responsibility. Why do I have to be responsible for what someone I have no control over says??

We really have no other decent, good, or viable choice.

Multiples straddle 2 universes.

We have the internal universe, where we're all separate and can mete out individual responsibility and punishments and dish out consequences for actions, police people, etc.

And we have the external universe in which we are a collective or group entity with one body, and there are no reliable, safe, consistent ways the external world "can tell" who is out or in control at any given point in time. What about blends? What if others are co-conscious? What if one alter is pretending to be another, or if it's a gatekeeper or veil over a subsystem — which member of the subsystem is culpable?

No, this is not external persons' or society's responsibility. It falls only and solely on our own collective shoulders.

The external world is not and should not be in charge of dishing out discipline inside our system. That's OUR headspace. so it's OUR responsibility to manage it. And yes, that means that some systems may struggle with group responsibility while trying to all get on the same page, or while they have individuals they are unable to control or discipline.

And that's why we do the work we do in helping people build their internal community as quickly as feasible.

Any other choice — individual responsibility — would essentially mean external people would have to thought & identity police our internal system in order to exert responsibility/discipline and power/control on individuals in our system.

Once someone else has power/control over you, you're much more open to being abused.

I don't think any multiple systems really want people outside our system having that type of power or control over us.

So our alternative is to take that responsibility and that power and that control and use it.

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