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Beyond the Movies: Debunking myths about DID & plural systems

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A lecture we published going over many of the movie myths of DID and debunking them.

Published May 04, 2019

We happily interrupt our regular podcast to say it's DID Awareness Day! And as such, we're giving you all a special episode — the January 13th recording of our lecture Beyond the Movies: Debunking myths about DID & plural systems.

This is long. Just over 1 hour and 20 minutes. You may have heard it before. Feel free to skip it if you don't need it!

The original recording is available for download, there's a script/transcript, and a call-in playback phone number which are all here:

Please spread this recording around to your singular contacts, or slip the phone number on their desk, or anything you can to get them to listen in and debunk those awful myths that keep getting foisted about whenever a new movie about someone with DID or who is plural comes out.

If you're a singular ally — or are considering becoming one after listening to this — welcome aboard! We are so glad to have you.

Keep on spreading the truth about plurality & DID! Thank you!!

The contents of this podcast are meant for informational purposes only. This podcast is meant only for adults, and listener discretion is strongly advised. By no means are the contents of this podcast series intended to diagnose any illness or replace the treatment or therapy of persons in need. Please seek professional assistance if you are in distress in any way.

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Loyalty (025) New < Many Minds on the Issue - podcast >

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