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The Sapphic Bouquet New

- 09/09/2018

Our Wordpress Blog ...edit... New

Home Page-Draft New

- 04/09/2018 Hello! We're the Pyralis Collective, a fairly small plural family most likely of mixed origin. The overall system is traumagenic, with the first few system members besides our original showing up when the body was around 4 or 5 years old due to some combination of medical trauma, social isolation, emotional abuse, and possible other abuse.

Although we have no intention of seeking a diagnosis related to our multiplicity and are, frankly, rather unconcerned with labels, we most likely fit the criteria for OSDD1-b. We definitely experience dissociation, although it only sometimes causes us significant difficulty or distress, but we only rarely experience amnesia between fronters or noticeable time loss.

Many of our current members consider themselves traumagenic in origin, here because of or in order to deal with something we went through, however others consider themselves to have metaphysical or spiritual origins.

As of April 2018, the known members of the Pyralis collective are:







The twins (Cassiopeia and Desdemona)





Abbey ...edit... New

Developing A System Culture-Draft New

- 05/28/2017

These are different between fragments vs people, I would think. Like some of my people have different Totems, in a shamanic sense, and probably different zodiac signs, religions, morals, ethics, etc. We have different opinions on right vs. wrong depending on who you ask. As a group/system, we've come up with compromises and win-win situations that we all think are agreeable in general. It's not easy to do so, but any community needs to have a culture, which is a group's personality if you think about it: the group's attitude, judgements, allowances, behaviors, expectations, etc.

rituals, celebrations, history, goals, plans, hopes ...edit... New

The State Of The Memory Address-Draft

- 02/07/2014 Article on state-dependent memory. ...edit...

Running The Business Of Our Lives-Draft

- 02/07/2014 Article on how the inside of a multi's head is a house, and how all houses/families are a business in so far as they are organizations with certain ideals, cultures, personalities and resources available to work towards goals together. ...edit...

Stabilizing Switchiness-Draft

- 02/04/2014 Switchiness is a by-product of anxiety. Anxiety comes from dwelling in not-now. Inventing a fearful fantasy future, or living in fear of the past. If you are truly NOW, anxiety eases. And any type of love is the antidote to fear of any sort. Think of things you love right now. Get and give hugs. Take care of someone who needs help. Get a feather fishing rod and play with your kitty. Hug your doggy.

"Breathe deep and wiggle your toes." Wiggle your butt in a chair, stomp your feet, look for the color red in the room. Also try other mindfulness, crafts, puzzles, legos, cooking, etc. Anything that is going to bring your mind into the moment.


Being OK With Being Different-Draft

- 02/04/2014 "Every person is unique." While this is fundamentally true, when your difference brings unwanted attention, ridicule, or any kind of exclusion or harm, you may find yourself wishing you weren't quite so unique.

Part of our unique stories is how we acquired our difference(s). ...edit...

Hello? Is there anybody in there?

- 02/04/2014 (:description :)

Article on non-co-conscious residents and holodeck/matrix, etc. via PTSD and instilling a paradigm shift?

If you decided to build in a communication mechanism to the holodeck, then using the holodeck to get through to non-co-conscious residents should also work.

USING the internal landscape on-purpose for reasons of self(ish) help.


What did you say?

- 02/04/2014

Article on in-system translation and communication systems.

a system translator, how to create one, how to use the internal landscape to facilitate internal communication

communication barriers. How they look in your internal landscape.

Either you ask in your system if anyone can translate, or you create/build/craft (heck, think Minecraft if you must, whatever works!) something in your internal landscape to do the job. Our language filter is a construct/fragment whose sole purpose is to translate between folk in my head. You need something to translate if they don't all "speak the same language."

Our translator also translates external communications when someone inside is fronting for whom English is not their primary language or they don't communicate in English at all. ...edit...

Dissociative Identity Disorder Support-Draft

- 07/03/2013 ...edit...

Causes Of Dissociative Identity Disorder-Draft

- 07/03/2013 ...edit...

Treatment For Dissociative Identity Disorder-Draft

- 07/03/2013 ...edit...

Is Dissociative Identity Disorder Real-Draft

- 07/03/2013 ...edit...

Ritual Abuse

- 12/31/1969

Note: Please exercise additional self-care when reading this page as there may be extraordinarily triggering material for folks who have experienced RA or SRA here. Keep in mind, you may not be aware that you have this type of programming. A mental protector should be on-hand or be the one reading this information first to make sure it's safe for your internal system.

Contributed by Anthony Temple:

There's 3 things here, repetitive abuse, religious abuse, and ritual abuse. RA usually refers to Ritual Abuse but can confusingly be used for Religious or Repetitive as well.

RA is the intentional and systematic breaking/remolding (with/without mind control (MC)) of a victim to serve a group's purposes.

Some abusers set up deliberate patterns, or ritualize abuse in itself. It may have the trappings of a religious or spiritual ceremony, and sometimes the symbolism used can be negative and frightening in itself. Any of the points in the ritual become part of the triggers: clothing, dates, idols, words, smells, tools, movements, music, etc. Everything involved gets magnified and becomes a warning that someone is about to hurt you and sets off the autonomic nervous system with a fight or flight response.

Both incidental and deliberate ritual abuse can cause entrenched patterns that are more problematic when trying to heal. They are very ingrained, entrenched patterns, and where to start unraveling the knot isn't clear.

Self-help note: Carefully exploring a trigger and NOT having it followed by abuse and pain can help cause "extinction" of the trigger. However, the triggers are very likely to come back full force on short notice should the scenario(s) happen again, so this is often difficult. If you find yourself trying to deprogram triggers caused by ritual abuse, the extinction scenarios should be managed very slowly and carefully to avoid re-triggering the responses and reinforcing the associated triggers.

Trigger Warning: SRA ? A Step Further

SRA is short for "Satanic Ritual Abuse" ? which blends RA with specific symbolism and activities that may involve specific dates and "unholy" festivities, sacrifice, blood, sex, and pedophilia in an RA context combined with cult tactics. Victims are made to perform and participate in these activities through coercion, use of drugs, threats, mind control programming, etc. Some victims have been raised in the group as very young children (direct indoctrination). Some groups have used mind control tactics to create alters on purpose in their victims, using these tactics to create hidden allies and subsystems in the victim's internal system (sometimes called "dark side alters"), and planted deep suggestions to be enacted later ("programming").

There are other potential mind control groups that could be acting on their own, or who could be using these powerful images and ideas to cover their own activities. Some are thought to be underground former or hidden government agencies invested in creating sleeper agents or learning ways to exert mind control tactics on victims. Some say they are creating the SRA imagery to cover their tracks as part of their experiment, some say these are two separate phenomenon (still with the potential for mind control agencies to use SRA "ideas" and imagery to mask their activities).

Trigger Warning: Victims and Cautions

RA & SRA victims generally require additional protections from their past abusers and from their triggers. Getting triggered can execute mind control programming (deliberately implanted "scripts") which may cause them to want to return to their abusers, may switch which subsystems have control, may cause them to become very suicidal, etc. It's impolite to mention the non-acronym for SRA (we did so here because there's so much confusion about it) and related imagery or even Christian symbology can create backlash in their system.

When SRA/RA victims point out their triggers, do your best not to trigger them as it can cause a cascade of symptoms they are unprepared to handle.

If you happen to accidentally trigger an RA system, try not to feel guilty or responsible. Remember it's the awful people who did this who are to blame, but do try to be mindful and correct your "mistakes" so that it doesn't happen again if at all possible. We all feel bad when we trigger someone. It's just worse if we do it again over the same thing! ...edit...