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Welcome to The Multiple Manifesto

We don't know about you, but we get pretty fed up with everyone speaking out about Multiple Personalities, or whatever they want to call it today, and absolutely no solidarity or group identity amongst us, and no collaboration between multiples about the face(s) we want to present as a community.

However Multiples do exist in community! There are conferences, there are websites, there are mailing lists and there are Facebook groups for multiples. We have support groups, etc. We convene, we share ideas and tactics, we get great comfort in knowing we're not "alone" -- no pun intended.

So we think that it's time we make a stand and speak out -- and you're free to disagree with us, but we've started to craft a series of manifestos to address the injustices and to claim an identity and a right to exist just as we are in the world!

These are a work-in-progress. Please enjoy & feel free to send me your comments.