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Host-Multiple Q&A Session

This Q&A session will be logged, and will be put on the web for those who can't make it. If anyone wants their screenname to be edited out of the final version, that's possible...or you can start an anonymous screen name.

Host-Multiple Q&A Session (a live question-and-answer session over the internet) -- topics on waking up as otherkin, learning to cope with the new paradigm in life, what changes can be expected, and so on...
Monday April 5th (some years ago now!), 7pm - 10pm EST (4p-7p PST or 11pm-2am GMT);
AIM Chat, contact Crissez (doublecheck that spelling!) via AIM or email me. Please include your AIM screenname if possible, and I'll put you on an invite list.
Moderated and hosted by The Crisses, with chirping from other attendees ;) The Crisses have been called the "quintessential kinhost" embodying most of the notable phenomenon seen in kin multiples, and have been self-aware of being multiple since 1986, busting their own collective butt to become a healthier people since 1987, and researching and studying self-help, multiplicity and psychology literature, in school and out, for many years. They have been co-moderator(s) of the Otherkind-Hosts list since it was created in 1999, and do informal counseling for otherkin and multiples.
If you don't have AIM already go to the AIM page to download the program you need. It will help you set it up. If you have a problem, let me know. Other possible programs are listed under Venues.
There are many people in the community who are not sure about terminology of multiplicity, symptoms, etc. This Q&A session is suitable for people who know multiples, want to know more about multiples, or who are new in knowing about their own multiplicity. People who are new to the community are very welcome. This course is intended to cover basics that might not be covered on the Otherkind-Hosts mailing list, or may not be covered well in Multiplicity: The Missing Manual. Information gained by the presenter about what questions people ask and what information they need to know will be used to help flesh out the Manual, as well.

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