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"Live-On-Line" Venues is now running a Mumble server. Information and clients are available at

Why Mumble? It's secure. It allows voice and text interaction. We can run it on our own server. The sound quality is pretty darn good most of the time (bad connections notwithstanding). 2 DID systems run the server — The Crisses and our partner Chris& who are both DID. No one else has access on the server end. Your information stops here. This is not going to be touched by a megacorp. No one is selling or distributing your information.

The chat is not saved/logged on the server (don't even know how to do it, frankly — lol I think the system can have bots in the channels and bots might be able to log and do other things — we have no bots at this time, I don't know how to install them anyway). The audio isn't either. If we hold an online class, we may press the Record button (as can any other user) and record the audio for the class. Any user can copy/paste or screenshot your text chat per usual in any application or social media, or use 3rd party software to record their end of the interactions.

It also allows you to "whisper" (direct message) to other users on the system. You can set up a shortcut key to whisper — not thrilled with how it works, but it works. Then only you and the 1 other user know what was said to each other.

It's a tad on the geeky side and not brilliantly documented like much open source software. Let us know if you encounter any problems and we can make screenshots or clarify what to do.

We can't ensure your privacy or security, of course. The moment we're allowing logging in from users we have not personally met and can vouch for (which probably includes you), we can't promise that. But we can ensure that, for example, this will not be mined for data by Google or Facebook.

Mumble Client applications

iOS — use Mumble by Mikkel Krautz
Android — use Plumble
Mac, Linux & Windows, see "Stable Release" at

How to use Mumble the first time

After installing the software on your device or computer, and running it — it should request connection information for the server you want. If the "Public Internet" list is open, you can just hide that list — click Add New… or if there's a + button use that.

Add new server:

Label: Kinhost

Port (leave default): 64738

Username: <what name do you want?>


If you "register" your username, only the device you're on will use that username. So for example if I want to log on on a different device I could use "Crisses-d" for desktop "Crisses-i" for my iphone.

I'm requiring "registration" of usernames to get full rights of a user on the server. If you want to come in and check out the Lounge for non-registered & registered user chats, that's fine. I'll be setting up rooms for online events that require having a registered user on the server.

Choose Self -> Register to register your username with the server.

Passwords or "Access Tokens"

If you've been given a special password to get into a room, make sure to add it under Server -> Access Tokens.

Entering Rooms

Double click on Lounge - Chat for general discussion in an open forum or to talk to unregistered users.

If you're enrolled in a special course, find the correct room, make sure you have added the Access Token to your Mumble application, and double click on the correct room to enter it.

Getting on in the Future

When you log in you should be teleported to the room you were last in. If the room is now gone because a class is over, you may have to manually enter the Lounge - Chat again. Double click on the room you want to enter.

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