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WikiUse Tutorial Session

This is a wiki: you're looking at it -- this website is run on "wiki" software and principles. But what IS it? (a method of website collaboration) How is it used? (for starters go to and hit the "edit page" link) Best yet, how can YOU use it to help contribute to the community or simply to blather for a while? (well, almost any way you want to!) This chat will answer all of these questions.

Portions of this tuturial session will be logged and edited into a document appropriate for submission to PmWiki and other wikis to help people understand how to use them.

Wiki Use Tutorial (live directions and help for creating and editing basic, and possibly eventually advanced, PmWiki pages. Information may also be cross-wiki compatible, but note that some markup language changes between wikis.) -- topics include wiki navigation, basic page editing, basic markup, new page creation, making Wiki links, adding outside URLs, etc. If people catch on quickly, there may be more covered. If need be, there can be intermediate and advanced sessions later.
Monday April 12th, 8:30pm - 9:30pm EST (5:30p-6:30 PST or 3/31 12:30am-1:30am GMT);
AIM Chat, contact Crissez (doublecheck that spelling!) via AIM or email me. Please include your AIM screenname if possible, and I'll put you on an invite list.
Moderated and hosted by The Crisses, with chirping from all of you :) The Crisses currently runs 2 wikis, and is helping out the author of the wiki software with occasional spurts of documentation, questions, troubleshooting, bugs and requests for features. She's helped several other people install the wiki software, configure it, and now wants to help you learn how to use it!
If you don't have AIM already go to the AIM page to download the program you need. It will help you set it up. If you have a problem, let me know. Other possible programs are listed under Venues.
Several wikis are opening up in the community. We're talking about sticking with one standard type of wiki (in this case PmWiki) so that markup is portable between wikis, and people only need to learn one markup language. This tutorial session is specifically to help people who have been trying to figure out how to use a wiki and are mystified by it...Beginners & Clueless session.

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