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Buddy System: escorted fronts, chaperoned co-fronting

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Sometimes it's not safe for someone to front alone and it can be very helpful to partner up folk with internal escorts or chaperones for a variety of reasons. This skill requires a decent level of ability to control switching and who can front, along with coconsciousness and lowered amnesiac or dissociative barriers.

Some examples of who might benefit from being buddied up with someone else:

Rebels - folk who are rebelling for some reason still can have front-time, with oversight. They may hate it, but it can be helpful to make sure they don't violate any system agreements.

System kids - headmates who are too young to front in a given situation without an adult or older teen presence. In this case it can be very comforting to the child to know they're not alone and someone is very close by in case they have issues.

Lost & stuck headmates - some folk are not fully aware of the Here & Now and whether they are just ignorant of what's going on, or might still have problematic reactions to things going on, they need to be monitored and cared for when they front.

Folk who are Front-Stuck - if someone else can help by buddying up, working on co-fronting with the stuck headmate, and guiding them through the Allowing New process.

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