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AKA being front-stuck.

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This can often be related to depersonalization. Someone gets stuck in front and can no longer switch due to either having been triggered front in some way, or because of anxiety issues.

Emotional. Rebel got a Dear John and he froze [in front]. It was funny, you do the funky hand jive and it just did not work. It happened for about a day. A co-worker was sympathetic, and kind of knew what was going on, and suggested we take the day off. It's almost like being paralysed, you know you should be able to move, but you can't. You did the right combination; the tumblers fell into place, and, nothing. --Miss3

Something happens, and suddenly someone is front and can't step aside for someone else to take over. Often there's anxiety involved (cf. Rebel's reciept of a "Dear John" mentioned above) and the panic stops people from being able to switch.

The anxiety connection becomes even more significant as the people become aware of the situation. The realization that something is wrong, and that you cannot switch, is enough to make members of the system even more anxious. This can prolong the situation, and perhaps even make it worse.

A key to getting unstuck can be finding ways to become more present New, lowering anxiety, working on allowing New as a skill, or mentoring one another by using a Buddy System New at least temporarily to help guide someone who is stuck out of front.

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