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Courtesy and Multiples

Most people want to be treated with what they percieve as "common courtesy". Multiples are no different. However, like common sense, common courtesy isn't as common as people would often like. Nor is it as easy to define as people would like. The best cure for this is communication; that cannot be stressed enough. --Arashi

However, barring that, here are some tips and pointers:

(Blah, unsure of how it sounds in general, feel free to overhaul...)

Here are a few pointers on courtesy from Doltaghey House

edited by Elaq Chen, Astraea

  • Acknowledge that the people in the multiple group are real and individual persons. Learn to recognize individuals.
  • If they have shared their names with you, call them by their names.
  • Respect the wishes of people in the system who do not want to spend time with you. It may be that only a small number of people in the system have a relationship with you. Some of them may have relationships elsewhere; this does not necessarily mean that you are being cheated-on.
  • If there is something you don't understand, ask. Group members may not always find things easy to explain, but your willingness to learn will be appreciated.
  • Be aware that some multiples may lose time and may not remember things that you think they should remember. Or it could simply be that a different person is in Front now, and there's been a glitch in continuity so that they aren't fully aware of what has been going on prior to their arrival.
  • Be aware that different people in the system may have different opinions or feelings about something. This is not about one person "changing his/her mind".
  • If there are young people -- littles -- fronting, treat them with the respect that they are the age they say they are. Don't be fooled by the adult appearance, you are not watching an adult behaving like a child, you are watching a child who happens to be in an adult body.

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