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A brief guide to Etiquette when dealing with Multiples

So someone in your life is multiple or plural and you want to know how to deal with them. This guide can't cover every system's preferences for how people deal with them, so for starters have a frank conversation with someone patient in their system and ask for pointers about the main points of courtesy & etiquette outlined here.

This guide is divided into sections which each try to address different aspects of dealing with multiples:

General "human" courtesy

Are you dealing with them how they'd like to be treated? While it's best to ask someone how they would like to be treated & addressed, there are some conventions within the plural community that seem to work. For starters, treating everyone you meet as a valid and worthy more…

Naming names

Do they want to be called by individual names? If not, what should you call them? When do you ask what to call them? read more…

Getting to know you

Should people take the time to get to know a plural system as individuals? How should they deal with new headmates they've never met? read more…

Stranger in the House

How should they deal with you if they don't recognize who is front?

Telling the differences

What advice is there for people on recognition of who is front?

Making requests

Should people ask to see specific individuals if they want to or is that rude to the person who is front (kinda like, I don't like YOU as much as THAT OTHER YOU)...?

How should they ask?

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