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Explaining "Multiple Personality" (aka Dissociative Identity Disorder)

No matter who you are, you are going to need an explanation of the terms we are using for aspects of the multiple personality phenomenon to know if we're all on the same page regarding terminology, cause, effect, correlation, what have you.

This section is more than an FAQ, it's an exploration of What multiple personality is, the different forms we've seen multiplicity take after-the-fact, regardless of the cause, and what seems to be the different types of multiplicity or lack thereof.

Hopefully this section will eventually show that there's a spectrum or continuum out there of varying degrees of separation within the psyche. There will be labels for clear divisions, and lots of hazy murky areas between these easy spots. This section is where we can all come to grips with terminology and agree to disagree about the murky areas.

Why is it that Shirley Mclane can use first person plural and she's a channeler, and we use it and we're nuts? -- these answers and more :)

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