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"With many people in my head comes a great variety of struggles of identity. If we were all good Christian white human straight females with ordinary sex drives, callings and abilities, no sign of mental illness, disability, baggage, or angst there would be no reason to continue as a multiple for the rest of my life.

"In some ways, we enjoy being in contention with society as a whole."
-- from Poetic License: a poetic journey through the labyrinth of multiplicity by Rev. Criss "The Crisses" Ittermann

Many people who are multiple experience a variety of personal identity issues. For example, most multiples have one or more residents who are not the same gender as their body, not all residents share the same taste in love partners, some residents may have diagnosable psychiatric complaints while others do not, some may even be disabled or have medical problems that others do not have. This section deals with the "Identity" portion of having a "dissociative identity".

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