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Should people ask to see specific individuals if they want to or is that rude to the person who is front.

That depends on whether you are polite about it. "I don't like you, I wanna see Joe!" probably isn't going to get a good reaction. "Could I please talk to Bob?" is more likely to.

Some people actively like to be asked. Especially those who are trigger based and thus aren't necessarily able to switch without an external influence.

"That other you."

(Treating a person like "that other you" is generally a bad idea...)

And if they say no?

"What am I, a switchboard operator?"

(Keeping balance in how many times you ask for people. Some people may have problems always being asked.)

Treating it like entertainment

Sometimes we treat it as entertainment. If you can't laugh at yourself occasionally, and all that. (to wit
"Some day, sentence as the same person complete we shall" to quote half a dozen members of a certain collective).

Ask for help.

You ask for who ever can do the job that you can't do at the time to come to the front and do it. Simple.

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