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Internal Wars & Rebellions

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Many plural systems have internal fights going on. It doesn't make anyone wrong or right, it doesn't make anyone particularly violent, etc. It's a disagreement, like any other community, and likely comes from a place of fear and misunderstanding, bad information, ignorance, confusion, or mismatched values.

Unfortunately, like it or not, you're in this life together. And you can fight and play tug-of-war or king of the mountain with life resources, or you can figure out how to work together and make at least a truce so that you can try to come to an understanding.

The most difficult issue is when there's an awake/aware group (1+ headmates) with the privilege of interfacing with the Here & Now facing off against a group that's still stuck in PTSD or C-PTSD panic reactions, i.e. still in the there & then. We like to call these latter folk the "Rebels" — but it's not always because they're consciously rebelling. But sometimes they're acting out against problem behaviors because they need it to stop.

Since this facing off creates an adversarial relationship between the 2 (or more!) factions, all this hating & fighting with headmates can create more panic in your system. It may be interpreted by those stuck in the there & then as a continuation of abuse, trigger their anxieties, throw them back into panic mode, exacerbate their (C-)PTSD. They then have flashbacks, insomnia, deep anxieties, feel threatened & act out. A symptom of C-PTSD is emotional dysregulation. They may be explosively emoting all over your internal space.

Which means that the folk in the Here & Now may be unintentionally reinforcing the issues that create and cause "rebellion" behaviors.

Even when the rebels aren't stuck in time-loops, emotional flashbacks, and the there & then, they have feelings too. Being excluded, outcast, ostracized, etc. isn't going to bring out the best in anyone.

After all that infighting, trust isn't gonna come easy. We suggest listening to (or reading the transcripts from) the Many Minds on the Issue podcast 6-episode System Trust Issues New series (episodes 009 New-014 New) to work on fixing the damage done by all that internal division.

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