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Aliessa Oakqueen aka Alyessa Oaktree, nickname 'Tree'. Uses '@' delineator in written conversation.

Hammadryad, oak tree nymph and a gargoyle past-life-aspect, and recently (Dec. 2002) integrated Ember so may have her various forms as well. Female and feminine. Was perhaps 500 when her tree died. Acts about 20-25. In her gargoyle life, lived for perhaps 1000ish years? Her hair usually matches the foliage of her tree, which is "Red Oak" -- from uniform greens in spring to brilliant & dappled scarlet-to-yellows in fall. Her skin is sometimes natural humanoid skin tones, but we've also seen brown bark tones.
Distinguishing Traits
Forest spirit with a natural ability to manifest in whatever form is necessary. Very seldom chooses male forms. Hair almost always matches foliage of tree regardless of form taken. Kinky, voyeuristic, almost always present to some degree during any conversation regarding sex, or any sexual acts. Normally a warm and bubbly personality, very affectionate, often seductive. Occasionally contemplative. Often somewhat naieve and innocent, but with a very very solid core.
Song: Sex (I'm a...) by Berlin ("I'm a goddess...well, I'm your mother...I'm a one night stand...I'm a slut...I'm your baby...I'm a dream divine and we'll make love together..."). Need You Tonight by INXS ("Your needs are so raw, I've got to let you know you're one of my kind"). White Flags by Blue Öyster Cult ("You feel me close don't fear my body, your flesh is weak in need of touching..."). Mummers Dance by Lorrena McKinnet ("When the ash, the oak and the birch and yew are dressed in ribbons fair....the shadows of the trees appear amidst the lantern light..."). Color: Greens and the burgandies and red, orange and yellow of folliage in the fall

Aliessa first identified herself as a hammadryad (i.e. an oak tree nymph) and in 2001 discoverd a gargoyle past-life-aspect, and recently (Dec. 2002) integrated Ember and Drendel and the combination seems to have translated into some strange blend of angelic nymph. We now also jokingly refer to her as The Burning Bush.

One of Erin's former incarnations. Right now she enjoys a separate awareness/split and set of memories from the other incarnations. In this lifetime, she had decided her sensuality and sexuality were inappropriate for existance in a human body, and left. Now she has returned in spite of this, rising to the challenge of living her lifestyle in this world/culture. She is a Priestess of the sensual aspect(s) of the Goddess, at times very close to being an Avatar of the Goddess. She is also a self-acknowledged Initiator and Catalyst. She's also a decent herbalist. Normally outgoing, personable, she glows when she feels good, seductive and flirty.

@Hi, I'm Aliessa Oakqueen, they tell me that Jill Goodacre looks an awful lot like me (from my life, not Criss'), well, in the 80's & early 90's she did anyways. I'm gonna see if I can get pics & sketches of (the former) me up on the site, otherwise you'll just have to dream, won't you?@

@New news: I've had some recent memories that are probably related to some past life or another of mine. There's too much in them to describe briefly, but I was a gargoyle shapeshifter who normally spent her days in the shape of a firey haired sidhe (elf) woman (cf. an analog of Drendel). I've had some memories of other people from that lifetime, some of the memories are suspect because I've met those people in this life reincarnated here/now. But the memories pass my personal litmus tests for whether or not a memory is real or fabricated, so I'll continue going on and believing them. Besides, why would I make up memories of so many broken tables, chairs, and other furniture? :) @

Stories by Aliessa: Both of these are Aliessa's stylized accounts of otherkin sexual experience, in the first case they are actual this-life (while in human body) sexual activities, and in the second case they are an illustration of her past-life-memories indented to illustrate her feelings when making love with a current life lover.

Tale of Two Kitties
about Taelee -- Warning, sexually explicit, graphic, hard-core.
Aliessa's Gargoyle Memories
Warning: erotic content.

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