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Singletsona: blending in with singular society

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A mashup of singular or singlet (one person in one body) plus "persona".

A singletsona is a plural group's mask or assumed identity when they are out in the singular-centric world.

Generally a singletsona is an agreed upon (consciously or subconsciously) affectation that blends or mashes together a system's traits with coding or behaviors that singular society finds acceptable and normal, such as using I/me instead of us/we.

This put-on of being singular is usually presented to the world mainly to protect the plural or multiple system from stigma, being outed, or being ousted from singular society

A system's host (should they have one) may or may not be part of the plural singletsona. Some plural and multiple systems have a host and that headmate is mainly their singletsona. For other systems with a host, even their host can participate in a contrived or blended singletsona.

It can also just be "singular-society social lubricant" such as someone who is generally out about being plural but presents as singular in specific public circumstances such as dealing with store clerks or specific people in specific situations.

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