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July 08, 2011

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One nice thing about being multiple and having a high level of internal communication is that we always have someone to talk to. However, talking is not usually enough. Human creatures are designed to play and we learn best while playing. Playing is also a peacetime activity, it brings people together into a community, relaxes them, makes them do some of the best activities for bonding: smiling and laughing.

So it's just as important for the residents in a multiple system to have some group playtime. Sometimes the activities are external and the experience can be shared, and another choice is to deliberately create methods of play inside.

The most important thing is to find activities that you can either share or do one at a time that are healthy and just challenging enough to not get boring too quickly.

One way we play together as a multiple is by singing together. We sing different parts of songs that have several parts. For example you could have fun seeing who in your head can imitate certain vocal parts in Feed the World. You can take turns singing songs on the radio, or sing the same song different ways into a program like Garageband and overlay the different parts so that you're singing harmony with yourselves.

We try not to do it often, but sometimes we actually play computerized games and when we play roleplaying games we can create different characters for different people in our head to play. It's possible to literally lose time if you get too absorbed in games that are more mind-numbing. It can be similar to watching TV. If you're not really getting anything out of it that might help you or enhance your life, you probably won't want to do it often or for larger blocks of time. Stay away from Evercrack or Warcrack (Everquest or Warcraft) since they're extremely addicting (they have massive amounts of live player data and purposefully make changes to make the game even more addicting--they have an extreme and unfair advantage that no one should try to pit their psyche against).

Cooking can be tons of fun for multiples (who don't have eating disorders). You can make your own buffet (many multiples like a buffet!) or make several people's favorite dishes, make cookies or spaghetti for your kids, or experiment with new treatments of favorite ingredients or dishes.

Another great activity is to find something physical to do. Dance, jump rope, go on walks, find some classes to take, go to museums or parks, check out all the places that tourists go in your area that you've never been to. In fact, since I just kinda mentioned it, there's other ways to take classes, including for free online.

You can participate in group activities with other people, and of course, there's one of my favorites: Writing.

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