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It's ok to have a party!

June 16, 2011

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When you get to this point in the United Front Boot Camp, you're almost halfway to the end. I think we both have earned a well-deserved break. Keep your agreements, and be respectful, but also just maintain the status quo for just a moment.

When you get this far, you've already made great changes and have improved the relationships you have with others in your head. You might want to take some time just reflecting on the prior steps and exercises, and maybe try a few of them again to see if the results change from this new place.

But when you get this far, don't give up! And make sure you honestly change your relationships with your others because then you have less work to do when you finish all the steps! Good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits, so if you're going to have a habit -- make it a good habit!!

The great thing about habits is that they make it so easy to get out of the other end of changes. With habits, you don't just go through this process and then say "I'm done!" and let it all fall apart. If you build habits, you keep at it a little longer until you don't even notice it anymore.

So congratulations on getting this far. Tomorrow we're going to keep on going because like everything in life, if it's worthwhile it's both fun AND challenging!

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