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United Front Boot Camp Steps

Looking for a great introduction to the United Front Boot Camp? Check out the Many Minds on the Issue podcast episode on this topic: Introduction to United Front (episode 005)

More about United Front as a whole, and a flowchart (with links under) of where this program fits into all of our United front offerings.

These are the United Front Boot Camp steps. Please make sure to check out the description of the United Front Boot Camp.

  1. Can’t we all just get along? - If our head were a house, how are we treating each other?
  2. Hiring and Firing and Self-Advocacy - These days you're your best case manager -- or should be.
  3. Is this therapy? (NO!) - This is a self-help tool for you to use with whomever you'd like, even alone.
  4. Please wipe your feet before you come in - Reframing to a non-victim, non-blame mentality. Welcome, all!
  5. Being a Responsible Roommate - Being a responsible headmate in a system that's not functional.
  6. Thanks for Washing the Dishes! - Gratitude is so powerful; we take the time to be grateful to our companions.
  7. The bathroom is the first left down the hall - Headmaps, rudimentary and beyond. Exercise included.
  8. Come back inside - Thoughts on the art of looking inside when you're fronting.
  9. The problem with extremes - Handling perfectionism, procrastination, and using extremes to hold ourselves back.
  10. We need to sit down and talk... - The idea of having internal meetings and taking roll calls.
  11. Always Lock the Door When You Leave - House rules - protecting the system inside and out.
  12. Knives Point Down in the Dishwasher - House rules - personal & intrapersonal safety issues.
  13. That's MY Shampoo! - Internal boundaries & respect.
  14. Hey, my friend is coming over... - House Rules - Relationships of a variety of types need to be respected.
  15. Ice cream is NOT a right; it's a privilege - Understanding the needs of the "bad guys" by way of our youngers.
  16. It's ok to have a party! - Time for a break and reflection.
  17. Can we talk this over? - Some specific notes on internal communication and some suggestions.
  18. You Can't Make Me! - Encouraging others to stick to the group agreements.
  19. Who Stole My Money? - How to handle group agreement violations.
  20. Don't Snoop in my Diary! Part I - More tips on building trust in the system.
  21. Don't Snoop in my Diary! Part II - Precautions about digging up forgotten memories.
  22. Please make yourself at home - Part 1 - Basic thoughts on internal landscapes.
  23. You're really looking good today! - Internal landscape and cues that foster communication.
  24. Please make yourself at home - Part 2 - Rudimentary through elaborate internal landscapes.
  25. Dividing up the Chores - How we define and divvy the roles we have inside.
  26. You're always making me late! - Some ideas on "time management" and keeping track of time.
  27. Where am I and what time is it? - On "losing time" -- what is it really?
  28. Don't shove me around! - "Stealing front." Not the crime of the century after all...
  29. We're so glad you could join us! - Helping stuck guests gain co-awareness.
  30. Is this a home or a prison? - On sharing front versus stealing front.
  31. Meetings, Part 2 - Meeting agendas - a review of boot camp posts.
  32. I got you a present - What's all the work worth if you don't spread the wealth?
  33. Taking out the Trash - More on "as outside, so inside (and vice versa)."
  34. Barbed wire or white picket fence? - Different levels of boundaries and what they mean.
  35. My family is coming over... - Giving yourself permission to have a healthier chosen family.
  36. Home Renovations - Do you have an internal landscape? Consider a new philosophy to tweak it so that it's really working for you.
  37. Home Renovations: Intercom or Holodeck? - Whether subtle or obvious, barriers to communication between residents can cause no end of problems for multis. Here's some tips to improve internal communication.
  38. Meetings, Part 3 — Tips for running meetings New

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