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Something to Get off My chest

June 03, 2011

Before we go on, you-all, and us, I just have a few things I have to get off my chest. You know, that nagging-but-right internal voice that doesn't let up unless you do something? Well, I still have it, whether you want to call it my conscience or my self-righteous pomposity or -- well, it doesn't matter. It's here, here to stay, and it's got things it has to say.

So that voice wants me to point out a few "necessary reading" documents on my website. A few articles, if you will, that are important if we're going to continue having a relationship together. It's not really necessary that you read them, that you agree with them, or even that you like me (or my pompous nagging conscience named Taelee), but it is necessary that I point them out.

The first is a document that is a declaration of freedom. I call it the Multiple Manifesto. It's a little rough around the edges, but it gets the point across that we're (I'm) not satisfied with what society has decided about us -- us multiples that is. It's a chance to throw off the labels and the "we're here to cure you" gimmickry, and a chance to shake loose the shackles and go dancing off into this wonderful adventure together.

Then there's a few documents I link to from the Manifesto venting at a variety of people whom we feel have, consciously or not, stereotyped, corralled, misunderstood, used, and in some way discriminated against multiples over the last century or so. We don't like to generalize, but these documents do generalize, in abundance. They're rough drafts, unpolished, but we're making no apology. Read them, repost the links to them, email links to people who matter -- or don't -- whatever you'd like.

It's just a little something we had to get off our chest. Hopefully you'll find them informative, and your own self-righteous pompous outraged inner voice may find comfort in them. The more we give voice to these unpopular thoughts, the less they give rise to unpopular action.

Whew! :)

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