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Loving Possibilities™ of the Other Kind

This workshop is over. If you have any interest in a similar workshop being run, as a teleseminar, conference call, etc. please see the Loving Possibilities™ website.

This topic is mature. I can't in any reasonable way verify the age of people in the chatroom: by joining this chat you certify that you are ready for mature-content discussions, deemed by whatever law or precidence is applicable to you by your governing jurisdiction. Crisses is not responsible for people "sneaking in" who are underage, and does not agree with the need for restriction based on age anyhow, so this is simply covering my legal butts and disclaiming responsibility.

"Loving Possibilities™" is a workshop series specifically given by The Crisses about sexuality issues, positive sexuality, etc. It usually covers a broad spectrum. This segment covers otherkin experiences in sexuality most specifically.

This Q&A session will be logged, and may be put on the web for those who can't make it. If anyone wants their screenname to be edited out of the final version, that's possible...or you can start an anonymous screen name.

Loving Possibilities™ of the Other Kind -- topics on alternative sexuality, spirituality in sexuality, sacred sexuality, and "subtle-body", cross-gendered, trans-speices sexuality, especially as pertinent to kin.
Sat April 17nd, 3 hrs 5p EST (2p PST, 9p UTC, 10p UK, Sun 7a Brisbane);
AIM Chat, contact Crissez (doublecheck that spelling!) via AIM or email me. Please include your AIM screenname if possible, and I'll put you on an invite list.
Moderated and hosted primarily by Aliessa of The Crisses, a bisexual, polyamorous, oak nymph who has been sporadically giving similar spotlight classes on a huge topic for years. The Crisses have taken courses in sexuality, undertaken sexuality research projects for fun, attended tantric workshops, written pieces about sexuality, and have been a member of alternative sexuality communities for almost 20 years. They're a loud advocate of positive sexuality and sexploration.
If you don't have AIM already go to the AIM page to download the program you need. It will help you set it up. If you have a problem, let me know. Other possible programs are listed under Venues.
Sexuality is a great topic for otherkin, who tend to be very open-minded and spiritual. There are many people in the community who are not sure about terminology, and commonalities of various experiences in sexuality, who need education on safe(r) sexuality for kin, or clues as to how to cope with bodies that are *different* when in the bedroom.

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