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The state of being out of touch with the body's faculties. A temporary state of solitude or restful period for a resident. A resident or residents who are not interacting with the world. Also "the Back" which refers to a location in the headspace.
The individual entity who is interacting with the world (when used as a personal title or name: "Joe is Front." "Front is tired, we're going to sleep now.") . A position of being available to communicate and interact by direct use of the bodily senses and faculties ("Who is Fronting right now?"). A location in the headspace ("Who is in Front?").
The internal mental or nonordinary landscape within which the residents in a body may interact when not Front. See also OtherWorld
Used as the term for a specific individual who was not born to the body. There is an impermanence implied here, such as a "guest" who is channeled into the body.
house rules
A system's internal regulations, whether spoken or unspoken, which determine what behaviors are acceptable for the residents in the system. This helps keep order and make shared responsibility possible.

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