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How do you all relate to one another in your mind?

Some people have something that's called a headspace or an OtherWorld (internal landscape). There are some common models for an internal landscape's form: perhaps a room, a house, a vacant lot, a spaceship, another planet, a castle, etc. There can be furniture, and various props, areas with specific purposes, and so on. This happens to be a *very* common trait for multiples. The persons who are not in Front tend to interact in their head as though their head is an actual location. The individuals can be walking around, doing stuff in the corner by oneself, or interacting with one another.

What about intimate internal relationships?

Yes, it certainly may be possible that two people within the same system share an intimate romantic and/or sexual relationship with each other. This may be the only relationship they have, or it may be one "link" in a network of polyamorous relationships.

It's our experience that an internal intimate relationship is more emotionally intense than an external one, because of the degree of Co-awareness that we share. Physically it's frustrating though; because we are sharing a body it's impossible to enjoy normal sexual or physical activity. We can't even hug each other or hold hands, except internally, and that's just not the same. --DH

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