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Internal Landscaping

See also Internal Landscaping by Bob King (original article)

The internal landscape, in brief, is a subjective experience that many people with DID have as a mental "home" apart from the physical and external world. For more on the subjective experience, see internal landscape.

Thus the act of internal landscaping is the act of deliberately creating fixtures, structures, furnishings, objects, appliances, or decorating one's internal landscape. For example, creating an internal safe space or an internal meeting space where residents can retreat and relax, or hold group meetings.

Many multiples create internal landscapes subconsciously, often as a retreat from danger or a place to hide away from the physical world.


Some internal landscapes are thematic. A medieval castle, a Zen garden with temples and koi ponds, a space ship, a neighborhood, a house, a hotel…to start with, you may want to keep modifications in alignment with the metaphor you have chosen. To light a medieval castle, you might use oil lamps, torches, braziers, candles. In a Zen garden, paper lanterns. You and your system will probably know whether you want to introduce any anachronisms or paradoxes into your internal landscape.

Internal landscaping ideas

  • Internal landscapes experienced as dark empty spaces can be altered to add gentle lighting.
  • If everyone is walled off from each other, consider adding a communication system. Intercoms, telephones, computers, mail slots in doors,
  • If there's a lot of internal "traffic" (people around and bustling about) but not a lot of internal communication, perhaps installing a bulletin board of some type would be good, so that messages and pictures can be posted that others can see.

For more ideas on Internal Landscaping, see Bob King's article on Internal Landscaping and these articles on this site.

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