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One recommendation for multiples is to create an internal safe space for anxious & upset residents to relax and recover in. Some systems have created one already, and some need to build one or create one in their internal landscape.


Our primary Internal Safe Space is reminiscent of The Canadian Rockies since that is where the host (me) lived off and on around the time of the first split, but does not itself hold negative memories (the original trauma did not occur there).

Also, since the setting is natural, the Elves and indeed all internals feel relatively comfortable in at least some part of that space.

- Tara

Other secondary Internal Safe Spaces are linked to the primary one by way of a multidimensional building. The "default" or "main" room leads to the primary space and is connected to other rooms, some of totally dissimilar appearance. As if every alter has a room (or several if they wish) to themselves, or if they have similar interests (like art or music) they might share a room dedicated to that interest. Many of these rooms lead to their own universes.

- Maya

The "default" or "main" room is of course heavily guarded since it can be entered from the outside world.

- Maggie

The guardianship of the default/main room is maintained by the MetaCats. I or some other from Feline Pride will explain more about the MetaCats later, they are very helpful entities ...

- Lucy

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